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Vincent P. Mathews, MD
Chairman of Radiology and
James E. Youker, MD, Professor in Radiology


Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Radiology

I am honored to begin my tenure as Chairman of Radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2014. James Youker has ably served as Chair for an amazing 45 years and has left an impressive legacy. The department is widely recognized as having excellent clinical and teaching programs. There also are strong research programs in cancer imaging, functional neuroimaging,  informatics and cutting edge computed tomography applications, to name a few. The quality and safety program in the  department is also one of the strongest in the nation.

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s relationship with Froedtert Health has strengthened over the years and has created an outstanding environment for patient care, clinical teaching and the practice of radiology. Our equipment is state of the art and the Radiology Department is run with great efficiency. Froedtert has also been very progressive in preparing the health system for the changes occurring with healthcare reform, which positions the department for future growth and success.

In the past few years, the department has also become more closely aligned with the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The Pediatric Radiology practice is very strong with faculty expertise that covers the spectrum of the subspecialty. This also is a great place for patient care, education and clinical practice.

A joint effort between Froedtert Health and CDI also provides a strong outpatient radiology practice that helps us train residents and fellows in a way that complements the hospital practice.

Finally, the department’s relationship with the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center gives us another opportunity to train our residents and fellows in the care of a population of patients and a spectrum of diseases that further complements our other sites of practice.

These are challenging and interesting times in medicine, in general, and in radiology, in particular, but the Radiology Department at the Medical College of Wisconsin is positioned well to continue the success it has enjoyed for the past several years. I look forward to being a part of its future success.

Vincent P. Mathews, MD
Chairman of Radiology
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