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CORE Grant for Vision Research

The Department of Ophthalmology is proud to be the center of a Core Grant for Vision Research from the National Eye Institute (NEI) that has been continuously funded for more than 35 years. The current grant supports four shared-use resource Modules under the direction of principal investigator, Dr. Joe Carroll, Richard O. Schultz, MD / Ruth Works Professor in Ophthalmology, Co-Director, AOIP.

The research supported by the grant contributes to new knowledge about the development and function of tissues of the eye and for the prevention and treatment of many eye disorders. This grant supports four shared-use resource modules to assist scientists located at the Eye Institute as well as the vision scientists in the departments of anesthesiology, biochemistry, biophysics, pediatrics, radiology, and cell biology, neurobiology & anatomy for their studies of the eye and visual system.

Dr. Burke is the director of the Cell Culture Module, which grows cultured cells and cell lines for distribution to investigators both within and outside of MCW. Dr. Brian Link, professor of cell biology, neurobiology and anatomy, directs the Core Morphology & Microscopic Imaging Module. Dr. Sally Twining, professor of biochemistry, runs the Biochemistry-Molecular Biology Module. Dr. Joe Carroll oversees the Core Engineering & Translational Imaging Module, which provides engineering support to develop novel imaging technologies to study animal and human eyes.

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