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Laboratory Services

The Rheumatology Service Laboratory is a CLIA certified Medical College of Wisconsin lab that is part of the Department of Medicine. The laboratory is located at Froedtert West Hospital, and is directed by Lawrence Ryan, MD.  Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate analysis of patient blood samples and joint fluids for health care providers. We specialize in laboratory tests that are commonly ordered for patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Our particular expertise is detection and identification of joint fluid crystals.  We welcome and encourage providers to visit our lab when quick and accurate crystal analysis is desired. You can contact the lab by calling 414-805-2350 on weekdays 9:00am to 5:00pm or emailing rheumlab@mcw.edu. We also offer serologic testing by "gold standard" techniques not readily available in commercial laboratories including marked below with a star (*).


Test Menu


  • SSA antibody by passive double immunodiffusion
  • SSB antibody by passive double immunodiffusion
  • RNP antibody by passive double immunodiffusion*
  • Smith antibody by passive double immunodiffusion*
  • Scl-70 antibody by passive double immunodiffusion*
  • ds-DNA antibody by Farr Assay*
  • ANA by HEp-2 immunofluorescence*
  • Rheumatoid Factor by rate nephelometry
  • C3 and C4 by rate nephelometry
  • CRP by rate nephelometry
  • Albumin by rate nephelometry
  • CCP antibody by ELISA
  • ESR (sed rate) by Westergren


Joint Fluid Analysis

  • Crystal Analysis by red compensated polarized light microscopy
  • Synovial Analysis (includes crystal analysis, mucin clot, viscosity, and WBC & diff)
  • WBC & differential




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