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News, Special Recognition, and Awards

Drs. Gamblin and Evans present at 2011 SSO Cancer Symposium

Dr. T. Clark Gamblin and Dr. Douglas Evans presented at the 64th Annual Cancer Symposium of the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) in March 2011 which was held in San Antonio, Texas.

For the session An Update in HPB Surgery for the Community Surgeon, Dr. Gamblin was part of the “HPB Hands-On Workshop” as well as presented “How to Deal with Multiple Billing Codes – The Achilles Heel of HPB Surgery”. Dr. Gamblin also presented “Transplantation in HCC: Who Should We Transplant Not Who CAN We Transplant?” during the New Techniques and Roles for the Surgical Oncologist: Optimal Multi-Disciplinary Care in Hepatocellular Carcinoma session.

Dr. Evans presented the pro stance on “Lymph Node Dissection in Papillary Thyroid Cancer” for the Current Controversies in Endocrine Surgery session. For the Meet the Professor Breakfasts, Dr. Evans had a sold-out audience for “Surgical Management of the Difficult Pancreatic Cancer”.


                    T. Clark Gamblin, MD Douglas B. Evans, MD                    
  T. Clark Gamblin, MD Douglas B. Evans, MD
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