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Alumni Corner

Paul S. Fox, MD
Director – NSQIP Program
Waukesha Memorial Hospital

Dr. Paul Fox (MCW surgical resident 1969-1973) began his surgical practice at Waukesha Memorial Hospital in 1976; but his interest in surgical quality started when he was a surgical resident . In fact, by 1976 he had already published 6 papers and presented his work twice at the Surgical Forum. After founding what is now Waukesha Surgical Specialists, S.C, he frequently compiled statistics for common procedures in order to ensure that his group was meeting the standard-of-care. He was elected governor of the American College of Surgeons for the Wisconsin chapter in 2002. Soon thereafter, he learned about the National Surgical Quality Improvement Project - NSQIP. This endeavor first started in the VA hospital system and had completed a successful private sector trial at about the time the board of governors (of the American College of Surgeons) was contemplating its introduction as a quality initiative in surgery. It appealed to Dr. Fox several reasons; as a former chief of staff at Waukesha, he realized that the climate in medicine was rapidly changing to one of increasing accountability. Additionally, this program was designed by surgeons, had obvious clinical application, and held great potential for improving the daily practice of surgery. He has always expressed a penchant for delivering quality care and believed that the surgical department at Waukesha Memorial delivered an exceptional product. NSQIP was a reliable, risk-adjusted way to test that belief - with the country’s premier hospitals as a benchmark. The financial commitment was substantial. He pursued the administration doggedly and eventually they acquiesced. In October, 2005 Waukesha Memorial Hospital became the first hospital in the state of Wisconsin to join NSQIP, a testimony to Dr. Fox.
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