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Dr. David Gourlay receives American Red Cross Brave Heart Health Care Award

David Gourlay, MDApril 8, 2011 College News - David Gourlay, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery (Pediatric) at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Medical Director of Trauma at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, received the Brave Heart Health Care Award from the American Red Cross in Southeastern Wisconsin.

According to the Red Cross:

“Dr. Gourlay speaks of the bravery of the young men and women on the front lines. Yet it is his bravery, empathy and humbleness that keep him returning to help our service members overseas. This past summer, Dr. Gourlay was deployed along the Iraq-Iran border. Working in austere conditions and exposed to extreme heat and dust, Dr. Gourlay supported hundreds of soldiers. “These are people fighting for our freedoms, it is why I volunteer. It is amazing what they do, their selflessness, courage and bravery. I feel honored to treat these people.”

Dr. Gourlay’s compassion for treating others extends to the thousands of critically ill children seen annually. It takes a strong and gentle heart to face the difficulties of saving young fragile lives whether in a pristine operating room equipped with all the latest life-saving tools or in war-torn countries with barely enough supplies to care for all the wounded.”

The Brave Hearts awards honor individuals who have prevented life-threatening situations from occurring, contributed to the safety of others, or saved a life.
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