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News, Special Recognition, and Awards


Department of Surgery Faculty Listed on the Best Doctors in America

John Aiken Surgery (Pediatric)
Marjorie Arca Surgery (Pediatric)
Karen Brasel Surgery (Trauma) - Critical Care
Casey Calkins Surgery (Pediatric)
Kathleen Christians Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
David Cronin Surgery (Transplant)
Douglas Evans Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
T. Clark Gamblin Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
Mario Gasparri Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
George Haasler Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
Christopher Johnson Surgery (Transplant)
Amanda Kong Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
Dave Lal Surgery (Pediatric)
R. Eric Lilly Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
Kirk Ludwig Surgery (General) - Colon
Alfred Nicolosi Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
Keith Oldham Surgery (Pediatric)
Mary Otterson Surgery (General)
Edward Quebbeman Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
Thomas Sato Surgery (Pediatric)
Gary Seabrook Surgery (Vascular)
Gordon Telford Surgery (Colorectal)
William Tisol Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
James Tweddell Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
Alonzo Walker Surgery (General) - Oncology
James Wallace Surgery (General)
John Weigelt Surgery (Trauma)
Stuart Wilson Surgery (General)
Andrea Winthrop Surgery (Pediatric)
Tina W.F. Yen Surgery (Surgical Oncology)

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