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News, Special Recognition, and Awards

Teacher recognition pins honor outstanding medical school teachers

Nov. 11, 2011 College News - In 2008, the College’s Curriculum and Evaluation Committee (CEC) initiated an annual Medical Student Teacher award to honor MCW’s Outstanding Medical School Teachers. This year, approximately 234 faculty members received a recognition pin and letter of commendation for their excellence in teaching in required M1, M2 and/or M3 courses, clerkships, sub Is (sub-internships), modules, LEAPs (Longitudinal Experience Advancing Patient care) and pathways during the 2010-2011 academic year.

Award information was distributed to recipients by the course, clerkship, sub I, module, LEAP and pathway directors in their home department.

Recipients were recommended by the directors of the M1, M2 and/or M3 courses, clerkship, sub Is, modules, LEAPs and pathways to the CEC, who based their decisions on which faculty members advanced medical student learning and provided additional value to the course or clerkship. The pins were funded through a grant from the College’s Learning Resource Fund and designed by Beth Krippendorf, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy, with consultation and administration support from the Office of Educational Services.

To follow are the faculty members who received teacher recognition pins for the 2010-2011 academic year by course/clerkship/sub I/module/LEAP/pathway.


 M1-M2 Courses


 Philip Redlich, MD PhD

 M3 Clerkships

 Resuscitation & Perioperative Medicine

 Marshall Beckman, MD
 Travis Webb, MD

 M3 Clerkships


 G. Hossein Almassi, MD
 Joseph Battista, MD
 Karen Brasel, MD
 Dean Klinger, MD
 Caitlin Patten, MD
 Carolyn Pinkerton, MD
 Peter Rossi, MD
 Allan Roza, MD
 Jill Whitehouse, MD

 M4 Subinternships


 Douglas Evans, MD
 Kirk Ludwig, MD
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