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Mary Sharkey

“When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was advised that Dr. Evans was the best pancreatic cancer surgeon in the country. In addition to saving my life with his surgical skills, Dr. Evans also inspired me to be a lifetime advocate for the fight against pancreatic cancer.”

-Mary Sharkey, featured on ABC’s Houston Medical (June/July 2001)

Bob Uecker

“Faced with pancreas and heart surgery, it was comforting to know the doctors on my team were also top-notch medical researchers. The Medical College of Wisconsin gives patients in our hometown access to world-class treatment, backed up by the latest advances in research and scientific discovery.”

-Bob Uecker, Milwaukee Brewers

Arlene Wilson

“When you face a life threatening illness, it is all about having the best doctor. I feel so fortunate that the Medical College of Wisconsin is attracting so many renowned physicians and researchers. The We Care Fund is helping to make this possible. I want our hometown to have access to the very best."

-Arlene Wilson

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Please join us. There is no greater need than our future health and there is no better time than today.

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