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Urology Residents 2013-2014

Fifth Year

Tanya Davis
Albany Medical College

Dustin Pagoria, MD
Loyola University

Amul Shah, MD
Northwestern University
Medical School

Fourth Year

Scott Johnson, MD
Michigan State

Gina Lockwood, MD
Southern Illinois
University School of Medicine

Bryan Sack, MD
Wayne State University
School of Medicine

Third Year

Justin Benabdallah, MD
Virginia Commonwealth

Nathan Grunewald, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Dane Johnson, MD
University of Minnesota
Medical School

Second Year

Michael Avallone, MD
University of Miami
Miller School of Medicine

William Herre, MD
University of Kansas
School of Medicine

Jennifer Lam, MD
University of Toledo
College of Medicine

First Year

Meghan Brown
University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine

Melissa St. Aubin
University of Minnesota
Medical School

Kevin Zeeck
State University of
New York at Buffalo


Resident Alumni

2013 Graduates
Donald Neff, MD - Private Practice, Janesville, Wisconsin
Khanh Pham, MD - Research, Seattle, Washington

2012 Graduates
Daniel Flewelling, MD - Private Practice, Traverse City, Michigan
Anand Shridharani, MD - Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

2011 Graduates
Nathan Rasmussen, MD - Private Practice, Fairfield, Alaska
Paul Tonkin, MD - Private Practice, Duluth, Minnesota

2010 Graduates

Tullika Garg, MD – Fellowship: Urologic Oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Amy Guise, MD – Private Practice, Fairfield, Alaska
2009 Graduates
Michael Matteucci, MD – Private Practice, Destin, Florida
Ryan Payne, MD – Private Practice, Salina, Kansas
2008 Graduates
Stephanie Harris, MD – Fellowship: Infertility and Andrology, University of Illinois (Chicago)     Private Practice, Tacoma, Washington
Travis Groth, MD – Faculty, Medical College of Wisconsin
2007 Graduates
Gregory Byrd, MD – Private Practice, Wichita, Kansas
Eric Lawatsch, MD – Private Practice, Neenah, Wisconsin
2006 Graduates
Jack Lewis, MD – Private Practice, Medford, Oregon
Michael Murphy, MD  - Private Practice, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
2005 Graduates
Margaret Hollingworth, MD – Private Practice, Corsicana, Texas
Mark Milleman, MD – Private Practice, Davenport, Iowa
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