Violence Prevention Initiative

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Communities in Focus

In December 2009, the VPI Steering Committee developed selection criteria for inviting community areas to partner in the VPI youth violence prevention and reduction efforts.

In February 2010, a selection panel was formed to conduct a comprehensive review of data and recommend two community areas for implementation of the VPI priorities and goals based on the criteria developed by the Steering Committee. The selection panel is comprised of 12 members with representation from the VPI Steering Committee and includes both community and academic members.

The selection panel is convening from February - June 2010 to review demographic and epidemiologic data from national, state and local sources. Additional descriptive materials, interviews with community leaders and site visits may be requested by the selection panel to help guide the decision process and assess community interest in partnering with the VPI. The community areas may be specific geographic areas, but may be defined more broadly. Once the two community areas are selected, the VPI will meet with representatives from each of the community areas to begin partnership discussions.
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