Violence Prevention Initiative

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 What Is The Violence Prevention Initiative?

The Violence Prevention Initiative is a community academic partnership that implements and evaluates evidence -based and best practice approach to engage youth, parents, and communities to reduce violence in Milwaukee neighborhoods and build community capacity.

 What are key accomplishments of the development phase?

Key accomplishments from the development phase include:

  1. created VPI infrastructure;
  2. developed VPI Steering Committee;
  3. reviewed scientific research literature;
  4. identified successful local and national models;
  5. launched VPI community forums;
  6. conducted community and youth assessments to identify existing assets and programs;
  7. convened organizations to encourage exchange of information;
  8. defined VPI implementation model, principles, priorities and goals; and,
  9. developed an implementation plan.


 Who are the partners who are involved with the VPI?

The Violence Prevention Initiative has partnered with over 25 community organizations through four funded partnership teams. The funded partnership teams are:

  • Holton Youth + Family Center
  • United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (UNCOM) Violence Prevention Initiative
  • Ripple Effect Milwaukee: Spreading Peace and Building Communities (REM)
  • Safe Schools Healthy Students Lindsay Heights Initiative
 How is the Violence Prevention Initiative funded? Will there be another funding cycle?

The Initiative is funded through the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin through the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program. Two community partnership teams were selected through a competitive application process to decrease violence in Milwaukee and strengthen community capacity to prevent future violence in 2010 and again in 2011. It is not anticipated to be another application process.

 What are the goals of the Initiative?


The VPI’s primary goals are to decrease rates of violence in identified areas of Milwaukee and, possibly, greater Wisconsin and to strengthen community capacity to prevent future violence. We accomplish this through three priority areas of: 1) Youth aged 0-11 years on prevention and early intervention with neighborhoods and schools; 2) Youth aged 12-17 years to influence and motivate with neighborhoods and schools; and 3) Educate, develop, catalyze and convene across all youth to build capacity for violence prevention with schools, neighborhoods and broader community.
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