Violence Prevention Initiative

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Research Literature

Community planning and development involves many evidence based steps. The following agency reports and research literature may provide guidance for your specific community in areas such as community readiness, engagement, organizing and capacity building. 

Community Mapping of Assets: 
In this brief article published by the Southern Rural Development Center, a procedure for mapping the assets of a community is described. It is a process that can be used in any community, and offers an effective strategy for involving a variety of people and organizations in helping bring about improvements in a communities.


Community Readiness:
The Community Readiness Model (Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research Colorado State University) is an innovative method for assessing the level of readiness of a community to develop and implement prevention programming. It can be used as both a research tool to assess distribution of levels of readiness across a group of communities or as a tool to guide prevention efforts at the individual community level.


National Civic League Community Strategic Planning Handbook: 
The National Civic League’s Community Services team is skilled in helping communities design, develop and facilitate community-wide planning projects. The group has pioneered the development and implementation of long-range consensus-based, planning processes that involve entire communities. These processes are discussed within this document and have been customized and effectively used in numerous places around the country to address a wide range of issues.

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