Violence Prevention Initiative

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Local/State Reports & Programs


Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health (WISH)



2010 Milwaukee Health Report- Health Disparities in Milwaukee by Socioeconomic Status
This report, presented by the Center for Urban Population Health and the City of Milwaukee Health Department, summarizes the current health of the city, as well as the distribution of key factors that may have implications for future health.
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2009 Planning Council Anti violence Efforts Directory
The Planning Council for Health and Human Services, Inc., compiled an anti-violence directory for Milwaukee County in 2005 at the request of Mayor Barrett. The directory was updated in 2006 and has been updated and expanded in 2009 with support from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Fitch Research Fund.

2009 Violence Free Zone Milwaukee Case Study
The Violence Free Zone (VFZ) Initiative, is a youth-violence prevention and reduction program located within middle or high schools.  In order to gain a more complete understanding and assessment of the effectiveness of the Milwaukee VFZ, researchers at Baylor University researched completed a case study based upon in-depth key informant interviews, summarized in this report.

2009 MCW VPI Youth Violence Program Directory (Local & National)
This directory organized by the Medical College of Wisconsin Youth Violence Prevention Initiative organizes local and national initiatives under the 5 Stage Approach (development stage, level of risk, social system level, level of behavior change and type of implementation).


2006 and earlier

2002 1st STEPS Taking Action Early to Prevent Violence
The First Steps report, funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and done in collaboration with Action Alliance for Children and Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California, synthesizes research focused on the critical first five years of life, presents best practices, and offers a comprehensive strategy to start effective violence prevention efforts at an early age.


Chen Anti Violence Program for youth - Milwaukee
This study aims to approach anti-violence initiatives for youth from a public health prevention perspective.  It includes an analysis of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention initiatives in Milwaukee.  Mapping the locations of these programs allows for comparison between anti-violence efforts and violent crime density.

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