2014-2018 Five-Year Plan

Dear Colleagues,AHW 2014-2018 Five-Year Plan

In October 2013, the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Consortium on Public and Community Health and the MCW Board of Trustees approved the 2014-2018 Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) Five-Year Plan entitled, Moving from Grantmaker to Changemaker. On behalf of the Consortium, we would like to thank our key stakeholders for your contributions to the development of the 2014-2018 AHW Five-Year Plan and our future strategic direction.

Since 2004, the AHW Endowment has awarded $164.8M to 311 initiatives dedicated to improving the health of the people of Wisconsin through community health partnerships, research and education. The 2014-2018 AHW Five-Year Plan builds from the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the past ten years of accomplishments while embracing the challenge of how we can have a greater impact for the future.

The AHW Five-Year Plan includes the vision, mission, and framework for AHW’s funding strategies for 2014-2018.  The Plan  builds on past accomplishments while recognizing the need to adopt new strategies to reach the AHW’s potential as a changemaker. As these strategies are implemented, AHW will be better able to catalyze changes in health outcomes and measure their impact on improved health in Wisconsin’s communities.

The Plan consists of several funding strategies that target investments in the following areas: strategic initiatives that include large, long-term initiatives to improve health; responsive initiatives that invest in community-identified needs to overcome barriers to health improvement, capacity-building initiatives that strengthen community capacity and leadership to support health improvement, and cross-cutting initiatives that bring together the unique strengths of community-partnerships, research, and education to address Wisconsin’s leading causes of death and disability.

Through the new AHW framework, we will place a greater emphasis on measurable outcomes, capacity-building, leadership and dissemination. The AHW Five-Year Plan is intentionally broad and reflects the MCW Consortium Board’s goal for the Plan to be a living document with the flexibility to evolve over time to address emerging needs and opportunities, while keeping within the general framework.

In January 2014, the MCW Consortium began implementation of the AHW Five-Year Plan. In the coming months, as the Consortium identifies specific funding priorities, additional information will be released culminating in an implementation process for each of the components.  The implementation process will be developed with continued input from our stakeholders.  It is anticipated that the Five-Year Plan components will be implemented on a rolling basis as priorities and processes are developed.

On May 8, 2014, the MCW Consortium celebrated our past accomplishments and launched AHW’s future direction. The theme for the conference was “Looking Back, Moving Forward” and shared stories of some of the significant AHW accomplishments over the past ten years as well as what we hope to achieve through the next AHW Five-Year Plan as we move from “Grantmaker to Changemaker.”

We have an extraordinary opportunity over the next ten years. As we move from grantmaker to changemaker, the challenge for all of us will be: “How will we, working together, invest in measurable, positive change to improve the health of Wisconsin communities?”

The MCW Consortium is grateful for the input that has helped guide the development of the AHW Five-Year Plan. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions to inform our implementation process.  Through the 2014-2018 AHW Five-Year Plan, the AHW Endowment is positioned to be truly transformative in advancing use of 100 percent of the funds for improved health.

With best regards,

Cheryl A. Maurana, PhD
Senior Associate Dean and Director of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment
Vice President for Academic Outreach
Profess of Population Health
Paula Lucey, RN, MSN
Chair of the MCW Consortium on
Public and Community Health


Previous Five-Year Plans

The links below provide the first approved Five-Year Plan prepared by MCW and the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health for the period of 2003-2008.

The section titled "MCW Public and Community Health Partnerships" provides the original plan framework for the program now known as the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Download a complete copy of the 2003-2008 Five-Year Plan (PDF). Download a complete copy of the Addendum (PDF).

The second Five-Year Plan, for the period of 2009-2014, is now available.

Download a complete copy of the 2009-2014 Five-Year Plan (PDF).

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