Building A Recovery-Driven Continuum of Behavioral Health Care

Project Overview (PDF)

3rd Funding Cycle Impact Award

Project Start Date: July 1, 2007
Project End Date: June 30, 2010
Original Award Amount: $450,000
Adjusted Award Amount: $398,719*

Project Goal Statement: The intent of this project is to create a recovery-driven continuum of behavioral health care by integrating Peer Support throughout multiple, service delivery systems, which care for individuals with behavioral health needs.

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  Community Partners:

Primary Community Partner: Our Space, Inc.
Additional Community Partner Organization Names:

  • Grassroots Empowerment Project, Inc.
  • Justice 2000, Inc.
  • Mental Health Association in Milwaukee County
  • Mental Health Association in Waukesha County, Inc.
  • Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division
  • Social Rehabilitation and Residential Resources, Inc.
  • The Parenting Network, Inc.
  • Transitional Living Services, Inc.
  • Waukesha County Department of Human Services
  • Wisconsin Community Services
  Academic Partners:

Primary Academic Partner: Jon Gudeman, MD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Additional Academic Partner: Thomas Harding, MD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

  Project Progress Summary Reports:
  Affiliated Web Pages:
  Project Dissemination Efforts (as reported by project partners)
  • Articles
    • Article in The Business Journal - Call it Serenity: Crisis Resource Center Fills Gap for Mental Health Needs. The Business Journal. November 21, 2008.
    • Article in Milwaukee Journal about the Crisis Resource Center discussing Peer Support. 2007.
  • Outreach Materials/Events
    • Developed and distributed project reports to the Waukesha Mental Health Association Board of Directors and Waukesha County Mental Health Advisory Committee
  • Presentations to the following audiences:
    • A community event for donors
    • County Behavioral Health Providers Group
    • Grassroots Empowerment’s Empowerment Days
    • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
    • Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force
    • Waukesha County Mental Health Advisory Committee
    • Waukesha Mental Health Association Board of Directors

*In 2009 award amounts, based on the remaining budget, were adjusted to reflect the decline in endowment asset value due to the downturn in the economy.

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