Quality Home Care

Project Overview (PDF)

3rd Funding Cycle Development Award

Project Start Date: July 1, 2007
Project End Date: December 31, 2008 - No Cost Extension through March 31, 2009
Award Amount: $50,000

Project Goal Statement: The primary purpose of the Quality Home Care Project is to develop and evaluate assessment tools to measure the quality of home care currently being provided in Wisconsin.

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  Community Partners:

Primary Community Partner: CAP Services, Inc.
Additional Community Partner Organization Names:

  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
  • University of Wisconsin Center on Wisconsin Strategy
  Academic Partner:

Primary Academic Partner: Raymond G. Hoffmann, PhD, Department of Population Health

  Project Progress Summary Reports:
  Affiliated Web Pages:
  Project Dissemination Efforts (as reported by project partners)
  • Outreach Materials/Events
    • Developed written report summarizing the results of the pilot, including the final quality home care assessment tools, and distributed to workgroup members and other stakeholders, including the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, organizations in home care, home care providers and home care client organizational representatives
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