2008 Funded Partnership Awards

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program provided funding awards totaling $6,368,224 for 24 community - academic partnerships in two categories:

Development Awards - designed to support a range of health promotion or health-related prevention project ideas, including, but not limited to: planning or evaluation activities of a project or partnership, pilot project feasibility testing or implementation of a project, limited to up to $50,000 per award. The following 11 Development proposals received funding awards totaling $539,128.

Impact Awards  - designed to support a range of project ideas, including but not limited to: implementation of a health promotion or health-related prevention project, program and / or partnership with significant impact; or, implementation of capacity building strategies that will have significant impact on a health-related organization, sector, or system, limited to up to $450,000 per award. The following 13 Impact proposals received funding awards totaling $5,829,096.

The response generated by this 4th Request for Proposals (RFP) was impressive, with over 300 community and Medical College of Wisconsin partners submitting 95 Notices of Intent intended to impact residents throughout Wisconsin communities (view full report (PDF)). Of these, 86 full proposals met technical eligibility requirements and underwent competitive merit review by a National Review Panel and the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health (view full report (PDF)). The projects awarded funding are listed below in alphabetical order. For additional information on any of HWPP's funded projects, please complete the Information Request form.

Development Awards

A School-Based Intervention to Increase African-Americans and Latinos in Health Professions

Building Capacity for Promoting Population-based Prevention Strategies in Wisconsin

Caring for Those Who Share: Improving the Health of Wisconsin Blood Donors

Circles of Sisters: Enhancing Family Development with Doula Care for Beloit Teen Mothers and their Children

Fostering Hope

School Nursing: The Tipping Point for Health for Vulnerable Families

The Great Lakes Environmental Health Project

The Medically Fragile Foster Child – Improving Health Status Through Education and Community Linkages

The Wisconsin Community Health Worker (CHW) Network

Well City Milwaukee: Creating a Workable Plan to Evaluate a City-Wide Worksite Wellness Initiative

Wisconsin Well Water: Planning Web-Based Resources to Promote Safe Drinking Water for Wisconsin Residents

Impact Awards

Elder Community Health Upholders

Emergency Department (ED) to Primary Care Medical Home Referral and Retention Project

Healthy Youth: Strong and Connected

Integrating and Mapping Community Health Assessment Information

Johnsons Park Health Alliance: Building a Culture of Community Sufficiency for Health in the Fond du Lac and North Avenue Neighborhoods

Kenosha County Suicide Prevention Initiative

Making Milwaukee Smile

Nurturing Healthy Youth Leaders Through Faith-Based Partnerships

Partnership for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Western Wisconsin

Riverwest Health Initiative (RHI)

Salud de la Mujer: Community Developed Materials to Increase Health Literacy in a Latino Community

Transforming the Continuum of Behavioral Health Crisis Care: The Milwaukee Crisis Resource Center

Using Social Network Testing (SNT) to Increase HIV Testing in Vulnerable Populations in Wisconsin

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