Patient at Risk: Wisconsin's EIF Repository Program for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

Project Overview (PDF)

6th Funding Cycle Development Award

Project Start Date: February 1, 2011
Project End Date: January 31, 2013 - No Cost Extension Through: June 30, 2013
Award Amount: $199,935

Goal: To further develop Wisconsin's web-based Emergency Information Form (EIF) Program for Children with Special Healthcare Needs and to promote and train a critical mass of families, support organizations, and medical personnel in its use.

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  Community Partners:

Primary Community Partner:  Wisconsin Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Foundation (WIAAP Foundation)
Additional Community Partner Organization Names:

  • American Family Children's Hospital
  • Baraboo District Ambulance Service
  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  • General Federation to Women's Club-Oconomowoc Junior Woman's Club
  • Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
  • Regional Centers for Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
  • St. Mary's Hospital
  • St. Vincent's Hospital
  • Waukesha Fire Department
  • West Allis Fire Department
  • Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC)
  Academic Partners:

Primary Academic Partner:

  • Kathleen Beckmann, DO  - Department of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine) (starting September 2011)
  • Kenneth Yen, MD, MS - Department of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine) (through August 2011)

Additional Academic Partner: Sara Slowik, PA, Department of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine)

  Project Progress Summary Reports:
  Affiliated Web Pages:
  Project Dissemination Efforts (as reported by project partners)
  • Outreach Materials / Events
    • Developed and distributed 1300 Patient at Risk patient toolkits (versions 1-3) and brochures
    • Patient User Guide – a step by step process for parents to follow when entering their children’s data into the database
    • Developed and distributed 1400 Physician/EMS kits
    • Developed a one-page Talking Points handout
    • Developed a social media site to market the Patient at Risk Program
    • Training sessions with Gundersen Lutheran (Feb 2012), Saint Vincent's Hospital (April 2012), CHW Emergency Department Physicians (March 2012), West Allis Fire Department (March 2012), Waukesha Fire Department (March 2012), CYSHCN Regional Centers (April 2012), Pediatric Champions Group (Am Family/UW Health/EMS) (October 2012)
    • Press release disseminated through the Fire Chief’s newsletter and a statewide EMS email distribution (September 2012)

    • Attended Circles of Life Conference (April 2012), CYSHCN Collaborators Annual Meeting (April 2012), Paramedic System of WI Conference (September 2012), Care in the Community Event (September 2012), AHW-WPP Leading the Way - Joint Conference (September 2012), and Family Respite Care Services (October 2012) to disseminate program materials and resources
    • Disseminated 5,395 project brochures and kits
    • Conducted community marketing at the Autism Conference (April 2013), Circles of Life Conference (April 2013), West Allis West Milwaukee Community Resources Fair (April 2013), and Care in Community event (April 2013)
    • Attendance and marketing at the West Allis Special Needs Fair (April 2013) and Southwest Pediatrics Community Event (May 2013)
    • Participated in a community educational segment on WRRS-TV (December 2012)
    • Featured in a press release about the program issued by Gundersen Lutheran Medical (February 2013) and another published in the La Crosse area (February 2013)
    • Featured in a story in the Oconomowoc Enterprise (November 2012) and Waukesha Freeman (November 2012 and May 2013)
    • Featured in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction School Nurses statewide newsletter (December 2012)
    • Featured in the South West Pediatrics Medical Home Enews (February 2013)
    • Featured in the La Crosse Area Media Coverage on WXOW (March 2013)
  • Presentations
    • Presented about the program to Snappin' Ministries (February 2012), West Allis/West Milwaukee School District Special Needs Lead Teachers and District Nurse (April 2012), West Allis/West Milwaukee School District Special Needs PTA (May 2012), West Allis Library (June 2012), Baraboo Library (June 2012), and CDF Summer Respite Camp (August 2012)
    • Presentation to ED physicians of Gundersen Healthcare (March 2013), Wisconsin Hospital Association (February 2013), Waukesha Fire Chief's Meeting (Spring 2013) and Milwaukee EMS training (May 2013)
    • Presentation to families and professionals at Circles of Life Conference (April 2013)
    • Presentation at the HWPP Conference (February 2013)
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