2013 Funded Partnership Awards

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program announced funding awards on October 26, 2012 for up to $4.5M for 12 community-academic partnerships in two categories:

Development Awards - designed to support a range of health promotion or health-related prevention project ideas, including, but not limited to: planning or evaluation activities of a project or partnership, pilot project feasibility testing or implementation of a project, limited to up to $200,000 per award. The following 8 Development proposals received funding.

Impact Awards - designed to support a range of project ideas, including but not limited to: implementation of a health promotion or health-related prevention project, program and / or partnership with significant impact; or, implementation of capacity building strategies that will have significant impact on a health-related organization, sector, or system, limited to up to $750,000 per award. The following 4 Impact proposals received funding.

The 8th Request for Proposals (RFP) generated responses from 275 community and Medical College of Wisconsin partners submitting 55 Letters of Intent intended to impact residents throughout Wisconsin communities. Of those, 27 projects were invited to submit a full proposal. Those 27 met technical eligibility requirements and underwent competitive review by a National Merit Review Panel and the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health. The projects awarded funding are listed below in alphabetical order.

For additional information on any of HWPP's funded projects, please complete the Information Request Form.

Development Awards

A Social Network Approach for Health and Safety among Rural Intimate Partner Violence Survivors

Diabetes: Working Wellness in Waukesha - Together (DW3T)

Fostering Futures

Impacting Positive Youth Development in Rusk County Through Prevention and Intervention

Improving Access to Prenatal Oral Healthcare: Strategies and Sustainability

One Hundred Healthy, At-Risk Families

Promoting Healthy Body Weight among African American Women through a Community Participatory Model

The Sisters Project: Helping Women Exit the Violence of Prostitution

Impact Awards

DryHootch iPeer: A Social & Technology Support Program for Veteran Mental Health

Healthy Environments, Healthy Choices, Healthier People (HHH)

Promoting Healthy Relationships among LGBT Youth

Specialty Access for Uninsured Program (SAUP)

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