DryHootch iPeer: A Social & Technology Support Program for Veteran Mental Health

Project Overview (PDF)

8th Funding Cycle Impact Award

Project Start Date: January 1, 2013
Project End Date: December 31, 2017
Award Amount: $749,797

Project Goal Statement: Improve access to trained peer mentor support for younger veterans at risk for mental health problems on college campuses using a combination of face-to-face and smartphone interventions.

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  Community Partners:

Primary Community Partner: Bob Curry, DryHootch of America
Additional Community Partner Organization Names:

  • Edgewood College
  • Marquette University
  • Mental Health America of Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee (Zablocki) VA Medical Center
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Waukesha County Technical College
  Academic Partners:

Primary Academic Partner: Zeno Franco, PhD, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Additional Academic Partners:

  • Jeffery Whittle, MD, General Internal Medicine, VA Medical Center
  • Karen Berte, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
  • Leslie Patterson, PhD, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • Clare Guse, MS, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  Project Progress Summary Reports:
  Affiliated Web Pages:
  Project Dissemination Efforts (as reported by project partners)
  • Articles
    • Article published in Community health partnerships: research, education and action
    • Article published in Public: A Journal of Imagining America
  • Outreach Materials / Events
    • Developed iPeer Mentor Training Curriculum consisting of an orientation module and six veteran-specific training modules to train new student veteran peer mentors
    • Conducted Community Grand Rounds events at UWM Veteran Student Association, UWM Veteran Services Office, and UWM Norris Health Center
    • WTMJ interview with Dr. Franco discussing veteran mental health awareness, Dryhootch, and this project
    • Developed dryhootchpartners4health.org website to provide information about the partners and its products
    • Provided trainings, presentations and community marketing to 815 individuals through 34 events
    • Featured in a three-minute segment on WISN as a part of their nightly news programming
    • Professionally printed the peer mentor training curriculum and used it to train 21 peer mentors
    • Conducted several radio presentations
    • Finalized peer mentor training manual
    • Finalized Android and iPhone apps
  • Poster Presentations
    • Poster presentation at the NY Computing Conference – awarded best poster
  • Presentations
    • Conducted breakout session at the Warrior Summit (March 2013)
    • Presented at the UW-Milwaukee Conference on Veterans and Trauma
    • Poster presentation at the 2014 Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (October 2014)
    • Poster presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing (October 2014)
    • Conference paper published by Marquette University
  • Publications
    • Published book chapter “Surviving the Peace: Redefining Community-Based Veteran Services through the Dryhootch Partnership” in The Praeger Handbook of Social Justice and Psychology: Volume 2
    • Published book chapter “Professional Ethics & Virtue Ethics in Community Engaged Healthcare Training” in Professional Responsibility: The Fundamental Issue in Educational and Healthcare Reform
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