David C. Warltier MD, PhD

David C. Warltier, MD, PhDProfessor of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Medicine

Medical College of Wisconsin
Anesthesiology Research
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-5602
(414) 805-8703 | (414) 805-8701 (fax) | dwarltier@mcw.edu

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Dr. Warltier received a MD in Medicine and completed his Residency in Anesthesiology from the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Warltier also completed a PhD, a Fellowship and a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Department of Pharmacology from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Warltier's research interests include the area of cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology with a special emphasis on coronary circulation. His clinical interests are in cardiovascular anesthesia. Areas of present research include cardioprotection by volatile anesthetics. Volatile anesthetic agents can precondition myocardium and render it resistant to stunning and infarction. The mechanisms by which volatile anesthetics accomplish this are being actively studied, and they include the opening of mitochondrial ATP-dependent potassium channels, the generation of reactive oxygen species and activation of intracellular kinases.

Additional research interests involve neovascularization of ischemic myocardium by coronary collateral vessels. The involvement of different growth factors, cytokines, and signaling pathways are presently being established. In addition to characterizing the pathophysiological factors involved, experiments are being conducted to model therapeutic angiogenesis, a novel means of treating coronary artery disease. Current research activities also include the actions of anesthetic agents and positive inotropic agents on left ventricular mechanics in the absence and presence of disease states such as congestive heart failure.

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