ACLS Certification or Recertification Information

Advanced cardiovascular life support certification is good for two years. If you are taking this course for the first time you also will need to complete a basic life support course along with the ACLS course. A resident can utilize money from their education fund to be reimbursed for ACLS certification. A resident must turn in their receipt to the residency program coordinator or Sue Raschka within 50 days of purchase to receive reimbursement.

For ACLS provider certification you need to take an American Heart Association ACLS Recognition/Renewal Class (whichever is appropriate for your situation) or complete the AHA HeartCode ACLS online program. Froedtert Health only recognizes provider cards from American Heart Association ACLS programs.

At Froedtert Hospital

  • For new/inexperienced providers, the Recognition Course is one full day and one half-day of instruction and practice.
  • For current/experienced providers, the Renewal Course is one full 8-hour day.

Written and Mega Code skills testing are done at the end of the class. You will receive your provider card after passing both. Cost of the class for non-Froedtert staff (including MCW) is $250. Please contact if you would like to be enrolled in a class, and the registration form will be sent to you.

At the VA

You may take the ACLS course at the VAMC if you are credentialed by and rotating at the VAMC, and if during your rotation at the VAMC you will be supervising the CODE Team. There is no fee for interns and residents who are renewing their ACLS certification. This course is available to trainees whose ACLS certifications has not lapsed or expired. For those trainees who do not have active ACLS certification, the fee is $250 to attend an initial certification course. Current BLS certification is required prior to attending the ACLS class at VAMC. For more information or to register for a course, contact Rosemary Stetzer at or call her at (414) 384-2000, ext. 41868.

AHA HeartCode ACLS online program

The online program is done at your pace on your own time (estimated to take 9-11 hours to complete), prior to attending the Mega Code sessions in person. If you choose to do the online option, you must complete the practice and testing sessions no more than 60 days after completing the online portion at Froedtert Hospital.

Online portion

The online program itself is purchased on your own through AHA at a current cost of $110.00. Print your completion certificate and bring a copy with you to your practice and testing sessions.

Mega Code practice and testing sessions

Mega Code sessions last approximately 3 hours each at a cost of $225.00, payable by cash or check payable to Froedtert Hospital.

Upon successful completion of the AHA HeartCode ACLS online program, you will receive your Provider Card. If you would like to schedule a date to complete the Mega Code sessions please contact

You can access the online program (search for item 90-1405) from any of the following sites:

If you have any further questions, please contact