Conference Schedule


  • Wednesday Morning Conferences: Tiered to the level of training:
    • CA-1 Introductory lectures and core topics
    • CA-2 Specialty topic lectures (Neuro, Peds, Crit Care, Cardiac Regional, OB)
    • CA-3 Advanced topics in PBLD format
    • Once a month, all resident Journal Club
  • Friday Morning Conferences in a monthly cycle:
    • Week 1, Case-based presentations
    • Week 2, Case-based presentations
    • Week 3, Grand Rounds or Visiting Professor Lecture
    • Week 4, Quality Improvement database review
    • Week 5 (4/year), "Anesthesia Jeopardy" Q&A game show geared to all three CA levels

Every 2-3 months:

  • Visiting Professor Lectures, Thursday evenings (with reception) and Friday mornings

Other Educational Events:

  • Simulator sessions (2-3 times per year)
  • Trauma Workshop
  • Airway Workshop
  • Regional/Cadaver Workshop
  • TEE Workshop
  • Mock Oral Exams (3x per year)
  • Residents as Educators Retreat
  • Transition to Practice Retreat
  • Central Line Workshop
  • Wellness Program (12 week didactic program for CA-1s)
  • Bariatric Anesthesiology Workshop

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