Secondary Biochemistry Faculty

Dr. John Baker

Baker, John, PhD

Professor of Pediatric Surgery. Cardioprotection in children undergoing surgery for repair of congenital heart defects, genetic basis of resistance to myocardial ischemia

Jeffrey A. Medin, PhD

Medin, Jeffrey A., PhD

MACC Fund Professor of Pediatrics and Biochemistry
Gene Therapy for Inherited and Acquired Disorders. Lysosomal Storage Disorders. Cancer.

Daisy Sahoo, PhD

Sahoo, Daisy, PhD

Mechanisms of high density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol delivery; structure-function studies of the HDL receptor ; HDL function; reverse cholesterol transport; role of scavenger receptors in cardiovascular disease.

James P. Thomas, MD, PhD

Thomas, James MD, PhD

James P. Thomas MD, PhD, is the Section Head, Solid Tumor Oncology, Associate Director, Clinical Investigation, MCW Cancer Center Professor of Medicine, and holds a secondary faculty appointment in the Department of Biochemistry at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Gil White

White, Gilbert C., II, MD

Director of the Blood Research Institute. The overall goal of the White lab is to understand the signaling pathways that mediate the hemostatic responses of blood platelets.