Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Facility

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Automated Crystallization Systems: Hamilton (left) and Phoenix crystallizers (right)

X-ray Graphics Workstation

In-house X-ray Diffraction Laboratory (left) and Graphics Workstations (right)

The department houses state-of-the-art instrumentation dedicated to Structural Biology research.  The facility includes chromatographic systems for protein purification, an in-house X-ray diffraction core and an automated crystallization system for high-throughput screening and optimization.  High-end computer workstations have been set up for 3-D graphic visualization and crystallographic analysis.

The X-ray facility is located on the second floor of the Translational Biomedical Research Center (TBRC).  The facility houses an X-ray diffraction system consisting of a Rigaku R-AXIS IV++ image plate detector system and MicroMax 007 generator equipped with Osmic confocal mirrors and an X-treme crystal cryocooler.  The crystallization system includes a Hamilton STAR for solution making and a Phoenix equipped with a CrysCam for nanoliter crystallization and visualization. A fully automatic crystal incubator/imager (crystallization hotel) will soon be added to enhance throughput capacity.

The facility is open to faculty members of the Medical College of Wisconsin.  Various levels of training are available and collaborative arrangements can be made to scientists both inside and outside of the MCW community.

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