Contemporary Biomedical Research is Interdisciplinary

Zach Brandt and Carol Williams, PhDScientists with broad training in the basic sciences can investigate the fundamental characteristics of organisms and cells from a biochemical perspective. The Interdisciplinary Program in the Biomedical Sciences is committed to preparing graduate students for research careers in the 21st century through a creative and integrated approach to cutting-edge scientific problems.

The program is designed to be broad, comprehensive, creative, individualized, and integrated to maximize each student's opportunity to develop a strong foundation in the basic sciences.

Rigorous Training in the Field of Your Choice

The first-year core curriculum exposes students to a breadth of research opportunities and provides training in laboratory techniques.

A series of four rotations in different laboratories provides the opportunity to sample the variety of faculty research programs and techniques grouped in 14 areas of focus and distributed across the five participating academic departments:

At the end of the first year, students select a dissertation advisor. During the first semester of the second year they take an appropriate advanced course and complete their qualifying examination which involves preparation and defense of a mock proposal.

They then matriculate into a department. In subsequent years, students focus on specialization and development of their research skills through the completion of advanced coursework, doctoral research, and completion of the dissertation.

Preparation for a Career in Science

Once affiliated with a particular laboratory and department, students receive attentive personal mentoring by their dissertation advisor as well as continued interactive participation in the combined graduate program. Throughout their graduate careers, students in the Interdisciplinary Program meet to share ideas, insights and research accomplishments with each other and the faculty. Upon completion of this program, our students gain not just a PhD degree and specialized research training in their chosen discipline, but also a broad foundation in modern biomedical science and a wide range of career choices.

Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences

The purpose of our Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences is to help extraordinary students discover their potential while expanding knowledge, through biomedical research, and advanced biomedical technology. Immunology, molecular biology and molecular genetics are just three areas of study and research.

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