Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhD

 Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhDWisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse (WBCS) Endowed Chair in Basic Breast Cancer Research, MCW Cancer Center

Professor, Pathology

Key scientist Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhD, will be joining the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center (MCWCC) effective July 1, 2015, it was announced by Saul Suster, MD, Department of Pathology Chair at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and Ming You, MD, PhD, Director of the MCWCC.

Dr. Rui, Professor and Vice Chair of Cancer Biology and Scientific Director of the Jefferson Breast Care Center at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, has been named the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse (WBCS) Endowed Chair in Basic Breast Cancer Research and Professor of Pathology at MCW.

Since 1998 WBCS, Inc. has invested cumulative sum of $5.45 million in seed funding for cancer research. Over time, this has enabled researchers to leverage our support into an additional $43.7 million in competitive external research awards. One of the most exciting developments for 2015 is the award of the WBCS Chair in Basic Breast Cancer Research to Dr. Rui.

Dr. Rui has a strong history of successful breast cancer research, leadership of multidisciplinary teams and mentoring of junior faculty, students and staff. He is the principal investigator of an NCI R01 and an NCI R21 and has made a series of contributions to increase understanding of the molecular mechanisms of breast cancer. Dr. Rui leads an inter-institutional consortium of multidisciplinary investigators to classify malignant breast tumors based on the expression of druggable target proteins for improved personalized cancer care, an effort initiated by a $6.7 million, 5 year Komen Promise Grant. Since 2006, Dr. Rui directed the Pathology Translational Research Core Facility, which provides basic and advanced histotechnology and tissue procurement services for more than 50 principal investigators.

In his new position, Dr. Rui will build on existing MCW expertise and research activities to assemble a core interdisciplinary team of researchers who will conduct a wide spectrum of breast cancer research. Dr. Rui will serve as a WBCS spokesperson, participate in fundraising efforts, and build strong connections with the community and potential donors.

Additionally, Dr. Rui will serve as the MCWCC’s Associate Director of Basic Science, replacing Paula Traktman, PhD, who is relocating to the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Rui’s experience as a research program leader and a shared resource director at an NCI-designated cancer center is expected to provide the ideal background for this new role. As Associate Director of Basic Science, Dr. Rui will be responsible for leadership of the basic science research programs, Cancer Biology and Tumor Progression and Metastasis, and oversight of all Cancer Center shared resources.