Tylor Lewis

Taylor_LewisGraduate Student
Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-3548

(414) 955-8188
(414) 955-6517 (fax)

BS, Biology, Chemistry, Carthage College, 2010

Faculty Advisor: Joseph C. Besharse, PhD

Research Area: Development and maintenance of the photoreceptor outer segment

The photoreceptor outer segment (OS) is a modified primary cilia containing membranous discs concentrated in phototransductive components essential for vision. Interestingly, the distal OS is phagocytosed by the opposing retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) at an astonishingly high rate in a process termed disc shedding, leading to a tremendous requirement for synthesis of new OS material at the base to replace shed material. Using zebrafish as a model organism, my research involves the techniques of transgenesis and CRISPR-mediated mutagenesis to determine the role that various proteins, such as the kinesin molecular motor Kif17, play in this process of OS shedding and renewal.