Johnsons Park Health Alliance: Building a Culture of Community Sufficiency for Health in the Fond du Lac and North Avenue Neighborhoods

The Johnsons Park Health Alliance (JPHA) aims to reduce socioeconomic and health disparities in an urban, African-American, Milwaukee neighborhood by strengthening a community-anchored health coalition and implementing innovative, pilot-tested, family-based programs that promote healthy life skills and community self-sufficiency. This project will address resident-identified health concerns of hypertension, diabetes and obesity, and the deeper socioeconomic and environmental challenges that serve as barriers to health. Our methods will empower residents with confidence, life skills and decision support so they can successfully manage and navigate sustainable lifestyle changes.


Goals of the Program

  • Recruit and support 20-30 household teams from the Johnsons Park and Walnut Way neighborhoods, and community-anchored partners, for a multi-year program to learn, apply, and share skills for healthy living.
  • Improve access to healthy produce by building a local food-growing network that links youth training, backyard and community gardens, and the local farmers market.
  • Promote healthy food preparation through Healthy Cooking Clubs that use nutritionally modified neighborhood recipes & fresh seasonal produce from Fondy Farmers Market and neighborhood gardens.
  • Engage residents in safe, group/family-centered, physical activity through promotion and support of walking clubs, and other neighborhood fitness activities.
  • Continue to build the capacity and sustainability of the Johnsons Park Health Alliance through community organizing, meaningful resident engagement and consensus building, informed by rigorous evaluation of process, products, and outcomes.

Project Period

June 1, 2008 - June 30, 2011

Funding Source

Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program

Program Contact

Linda Meurer