Wisconsin Well Water: Planning Web-Based Resources to Promote Safe Drinking Water for Wisconsin Residents

This project aims to collaboratively develop a plan for Web-based resources that will increase the capacity for systematically providing information to support drinking water management decisions among Wisconsin (WI) residents. The ultimate goal of this resource is to reduce the occurrence of water-related illness amongst Wisconsin’s private well users.


Center for Healthy Communities & Research, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Goals of the Program

  • Understand current process and identify system needs related to communicating with the public about well water quality.
  • Identify technology-based solutions that could help address gaps in the system.
  • Select most appropriate innovations based on financial, technical, organizational and political realities of stakeholder groups.
  • Disseminate results to stakeholders and seek funding to develop a technology-based prototype

Project period

July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009

Funding Source

Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program

Program Contact

Melissa DeNomie