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Partners in PreventionThe "Partners in Prevention" manuals were developed in an attempt to fill the gap between HIV prevention research findings and applied practice in community settings. The materials presented in these two manuals are the result of over 10 years of HIV prevention research. They are CAIR's best refinement of interventions found to be most effective at reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

The Women's Edition was designed as a six-session intervention (each session lasting 90 minutes each). However, the materials presented in this manual have been conducted in 3 half-day sessions, 4 sessions, and 7 sessions. Since every community may define "at risk women" differently, the manual is generic in nature to allow the facilitator to tailor the information and delivery to each unique population.

The Men's Edition was created as a relapse prevention tool with men who have sex with men. The format, although similar to the Women's Edition (six, 90 minutes sessions) is tailored more specifically to the MSM population. This program can also be modified for presentation in a single day session (6 hours), 4 sessions, or 7 sessions.

Halting the spread of new HIV infections is dependent upon finding and using effective HIV prevention interventions with people who are at risk for infection. As the epidemic has changed over the years, HIV prevention efforts have been required to change as well. It is CAIR's hope that successful dissemination of effective prevention models from the research arena to the front-line organizations that offer HIV prevention services, will enhance the over-all effectiveness of public health efforts in HIV prevention throughout the United States.

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