Community Engagement Learning Repository 

The Community Engagement Learning Repository (CELR) is an interactive online library of products from community engaged (CEnR) projects and research for collection and exchange among users to further develop partnership around CEnR and promote the story of community engagement as a whole.  

This site can be useful for:

  • Finding products (i.e. documents, images, education materials, videos, PowerPoints) that may inform or apply to user’s research, community health or community partnership efforts
  • Identifying community partners and community engaged researchers with like interests

Anyone can view the library of contents; users who register can also share, upload, download and edit resources to benefit their own community engaged research and projects. The site allows users to search by key terms as well as different health focus areas to find relevant information.

To register: follow above link and click register in the upper right hand corner of the CELR home page and enter the required information. A confirmation email will be sent upon registration completion.

Upload Your Materials

Submit your project materials to share with other users of the site. We are looking for any materials that authors can give permission for free use, such as articles, manuals, pictures, tools, surveys, strategy guides, presentations, poster templates, and more.

To upload your materials:

  1. Fill out the cover sheet form
  2. Email the form and your submission to

This site is currently in beta version so we'd love feedback as we make finalizations and create a more user friendly platform.

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