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‘The CHaMP Research Node of PECARN is pleased to offer resources and a complete lecture series to help guide potential investigators in developing and conducting prehospital research projects.

Pediatric EMS Federal Grant Workshop

The CHaMP Research Node held an EMS Grant Workshop in which investigators were able to meet with federal representatives to gain feedback on their ideas and learn about pathways to obtaining funding. The goal was to give researchers focused on pediatric EMS an understanding of the NIH process and insight on how to turn their concepts into federally funded research.

Introduction to EMS Prehospital Care Research

This video examines how research in the EMS setting differs from hospital-based research. Viewers learn about the barriers to obtaining patient consent in the prehospital environment. Finally, the presentation summarizes the differences between a cohort study and a clinical trial and how they may affect the interpretation of the findings.

Developing a Research Question

This presentation examines the origin of research ideas and provides a step-by-by step tutorial to develop a high-quality research question. Topics covered include what makes a good research question, identifying a suitable research question’s key components, and the construction of a research question using the PICO method.

Selecting a Study Design

This presentation looks at the various types of study designs and the importance of selecting the best design as it relates to time, feasibility, ethics, and producing good results. Viewers learn how to develop a practical and feasible protocol and methods for assessing their project to determine the most viable study design.

Human Subjects Research in EMS: An Ethical Overview

This presentation discusses human subject protections and examines ethical challenges in EMS research. Topics covered include how to conduct EMS-related studies and a review of the Emergency Exception from Informed Consent regulations.

Conducting a Literature Search in PubMed

This video demonstrates the search process, starting with finding keywords and ending with executing the search and accessing the literature. Topics covered include advanced searching techniques, using filters in PubMed, and accessing literature through open access websites like PubMed Central.

Literature Appraisal

This video explores why literature appraisal is essential to study design and knowledge translation. Topics covered include identifying appropriate appraisal tools to critique different forms of medical literature, and the methodology for literature appraisal to develop evidence-based guidelines.

Evaluating the Role of Random Error

This video provides an overview on how to evaluate the role of random error within epidemiological studies. Viewers will learn about a measure of association of a sample and how to measure it, as well as how to make statistical inferences within an epidemiological study. Topics covered include hypothesis testing, P values, and quantifying sampling variability through confidence intervals.

Dissemination of Findings

This video examines why dissemination of findings is important, as well as describing ways to disseminate research results. Viewers learn where to submit their work and explore key elements of a scientific presentation or publication.

Translational Research

This video examines the importance of translational research as it relates to a bi-directional process of bench to bedside as well as bedside to bench research. Topics covered include an overview of how basic research knowledge turns into new and improved methods of preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease. The video also highlights the importance of how patient care insights are transferred into hypotheses that are tested and validated in a research process.

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