Birth Cohort-Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set (LBID)

[See also: Perinatal Mortality Data File]

Topic/focus: Vital Events
Year(s): 1983 - 2003 (EDRC); 1983 - 2005 (online)
Source: National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)
Study and sample characteristics: Data based on vital records
Universe: Infants born in the United States who died in the United States before one year of age
Variables: Varies by year (304 in 1991)
Access: Publically available
Cost: Free
Key web links: CDC: National Vital Statistics System
Primary Institutional Contact: EDRC Coordinator (

Description: The LBID links the birth and death certificates of infants who died before one year of age. The database itself is comprised of two distinct files: 1) the numerator file, which contains the linked records; and 2) the denominator file, which contains NCHS natality records, as well as a small number of statistical records for late-filed birth certificates and, for the 1983 to 1987 cohorts, other birth certificates from selected states that were needed to match with infant death records. Includes birth and death occurrence and residence, demographics of mother and father, and pregnancy and delivery information. Also contains information on infant race, sex, age, gestation, birth weight, plurality, Apgar score, and underlying and multiple causes of death.