Data Catalog Categories

Year(s): Year or years of data collection.
Source:Organization that produced the database
Study and sample characteristics: Number of records included, type of study (cross-sectional, population-based sample, clinical trial, etc.), method or instrument by which data were collected (interviews, medical records, physical exams, surveys, vital records)
Universe: Population of persons or other elements to which the data refer and from which the study sample was selected
Variables: Approximate number of variables
Access: Databases may be general/open access, require a data use agreement that can be facilitated by the EDRC, or require special permission or application procedures that must be initiated by the investigator directly with the data holder. Cost: Pricing for purchase of database from the original data holder
Key web links: Links to homepage, download site, data dictionary, history/description, etc.
Primary Institutional Contact: Name and link to Institutional Contact

Summary: General description of the database in narrative form. Topic/focus: General topic or focus area of the database. EDRC categories include the following: behavior, cost and utilization, demographics, disease-specific/registry, general health and nutrition, health care facilities and services, vital events, and other.


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