U. S. Census Bureau Data

Topic/focus: Demographics, Other
Year(s): 1790 - 2011 (census data, every 10 years)
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Study and sample characteristics: Demographic and economic information determined by survey
Universe: U.S. Residents
Variables: n/a
Access: Publically available downloads from the website
Cost: Free
Key web links: U. S. Census Bureau Data
Primary Institutional Contact: EDRC Coordinator (tchelius@mcw.edu)

Summary: Census of Population and Housing data present here ranges from our most recent census to the historical decennial census conducted throughout the decades. Some of the data were scanned as an effort to make historical census information available to the public. The display of data will continue as historical census records become available. The Census Bureau also provides statistics from the American Community Survey and the Economic Census. Other resources include GIS mapping tools and interactive population and economic maps.