Vital Statistics of the United States: Volume I, Natality

[See also: Fertility Tables for Birth Cohorts, United States]

Topic/focus: Vital Events
Year(s): 1994 - 2003
Source: National Center for Health Statistics
Study and sample characteristics: Summary of vital records
Universe: n/a
Variables: n/a
Access: Publically available
Cost: Free
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Summary: This natality file contains tables based on data from live births occurring in the United States (50 states including New York City and the District of Columbia). The tables are based on information from the total file of records, and data is limited to births occurring within the U.S. to both residents and nonresidents. Information in these tables includes age of mother, age of father, live-birth order and parity, educational attainment of mother, marital status, place of delivery and attendant at birth, birth weight, period of gestation, month pregnancy prenatal care began, number of prenatal visits, Apgar score, tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy, weight gain during pregnancy, obstetric procedures, complications of labor and/or delivery, abnormal conditions of newborn, congenital anomalies of child, method of delivery, and Hispanic parentage.