Wide-Ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research (CDC WONDER)

Topic/focus: Disease - Specific / Registry, Vital Events, Other
Year(s): Varies depending on topic
Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Study and sample characteristics: Summaries based on vital records, surveys, and registry data
Universe: Varies based on topic
Variables: n/a
Access: Publically available
Cost: Free
Key web links: Wide-Ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research (CDC WONDER)
Primary Institutional Contact: EDRC Coordinator (tchelius@mcw.edu)

Summary: CDC WONDER -- Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research – is an easy-to-use, menu-driven system that makes the information resources of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) available to public health professionals and the public at large. It provides access to a wide array of public health information. CDC WONDER furthers CDC's mission of health promotion and disease prevention by speeding and simplifying access to public health information for state and local health departments, the Public Health Service, and the academic public health community. CDC WONDER is valuable in public health research, decision making, priority setting, program evaluation, and resource allocation. With CDC WONDER you can: 1) Access statistical research data published by CDC, as well as reference materials, reports and guidelines on health-related topics; and 2) Query numeric data sets on CDC's computers, via "fill-in-the blank" web pages. Public-use data sets about mortality (deaths), cancer incidence, HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, vaccinations, natality (births), census data and many other topics are available for query, and the requested data are readily summarized and analyzed, with dynamically calculated statistics, charts and maps.