Wisconsin CODES

Topic/focus: Disease - Specific / Registry
Year(s): Varies depending on file / focus
Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Study and sample characteristics: Summary statistics available online
Universe: Motor vehicle crashes in Wisconsin
Variables: Varies depending on file
Access: Public use data available
Cost: Free for online summary statistics, public use data is free for non-profit and educational institutions
Key web links: Wisconsin CODES
Primary Institutional Contact: Injury Research Center (irc@mcw.edu)

Summary: The Wisconsin CODES Project is located at the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis at University of Wisconsin-Madison. In Wisconsin, the CODES linkage project operates as a multi-agency collaboration. Hospital and Emergency Department data from the Wisconsin Hospital Association are linked with WDOT Crash data using probabilistic linkage and studied by analysts at the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis. The Wisconsin CODES Project has Public Use data files available to researchers interested in studying the health outcomes associated with vehicular crashes in Wisconsin. All persons wishing to use the data are required to fill out the confidentiality form.