Epidemiology Data Resource Center (EDRC) Services

The Epidemiology Data Resource Center provides a variety of services to the MCW community, but primary among them is to act as a resource of epidemiological and other health data for MCW and MCW-affiliated researchers.

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  Secondary Data Resources and Services
  • Do you need an estimate of the number of women who received a mammogram in the last year?

  • Are you looking for descriptive statistics of the state population for the grant proposal you are writing?

  • Do you need to obtain a subset of raw natality data from the last five years?

  • Are you searching for someone to assist your research team in acquiring and linking various databases throughout the course of your project?

Whatever your data needs are, the EDRC will help you fill them! We'll work with you to determine what information you are looking for, then provide the desired data to you quickly and in the format that is the most useful for you.

The EDRC specializes in secondary data--existing data that were collected for a variety of purposes rather than to answer a specific research question. Such data include those collected from surveys, medical records, vital records, or the census. Most of our data are at the national level, although arranging access to data at other geographic levels is often possible. Our resources for electronic data include:

  • National Center for Health Statistics
  • U. S. Census Bureau
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Various other local, state, and national institutions

Check out our data catalog. If we don't have the data you need, we'll try to point you to a resource that does.

  GIS services

The EDRC provides geographic information system (GIS) services, such as mapping. We also coordinate the MCW GIS User Group and function as a source of GIS information in the MCW community. Learn more at our GIS Resources page.


The EDRC will attempt to provide your data in the format that is most suitable to you. Depending on the nature of the request, certain formats will work better than others. Our most common data formats are:

  • SAS data files
  • Stata data files
  • SPSS data files
  • ASCII data files
  • Spreadsheets
  • Hardcopies

A variety of media options are available for storage of your data, including:

  • CD-ROM
  • FTP
  • Paper
  EDRC Data Policies

The following policies have been established to guide the proper usage of EDRC data:

  • The data services of the EDRC are limited to persons at MCW or its affiliated institutions.
  • Original databases and documentation shall remain within the EDRC. The EDRC will provide files of necessary data and documentation to users.
  • Users of data obtained through the EDRC must adhere to data use guidelines established by the EDRC and appropriate institutions or departments.
  Procedures for data requests
  • Contact the EDRC with your request and submit a Data Request Form. The EDRC requires requestors to complete a Data Request Form (DOC). This form will provide the EDRC with information regarding the purpose of your research, the nature of your request, and the type of data in which you are interested. You may contact us by email, phone, or in person to discuss your data needs.
  • Determine an appropriate data source, format, and storage medium. After working with you to determine what data are appropriate for your research question, we'll help you determine the data format and storage medium that will best suit your needs. In most cases, information from minor requests (e.g. estimates, descriptive statistics, or referrals to data sources outside of the EDRC) are provided on hardcopy or via email, often as tables, spreadsheets, or in the form of contact information. Raw data from major requests (e.g. extracts of raw data, long-term project assistance are provided on CD-ROM, or via FTP.
  • Complete a Data User Agreement. The Data User Agreement outlines the EDRC's general restrictions as well as any restrictions specific to the data source of interest. This agreement must be completed before the EDRC will release the requested data to you.
  • Receive your requested data. Upon completing your request, the EDRC will either send you the information or contact you to let you know that it is available for pick-up.

The EDRC will assist with your data needs and projects for $100/hour. Costs for EDRC data services vary depending on the nature of the request. Please contact us at edrc@mcw.edu if you have questions regarding how many hours a project may take.

EDRC Request Form

Data Request Form (PDF)  |  Data Request Form (DOC)

Submit completed data request form to:
Epidemiology Data Resource Center
Institute for Health and Society 
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226

(414) 955-8040
(414) 955-6529 (fax)

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