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Welcome to Clinical Safaris…the Oasis of Family Medicine

The faculty and residents of the Department of Family & Community Medicine are happy and enthusiastic about being able to offer you an exciting range of additional volunteer clinical experiences during your first two years of medical school.

The range of possibilities is large: you could help a doctor with the delivery of a baby, accompany an attending on hospital rounds on Saturday morning, visit a nursing home, learn during a session of reading x-rays, assist during a vasectomy or colposcopy, go along on a house call, etc.

You may contact the physicians directly and set up your personal Safari. They are looking forward to your call!

After you have completed a Safari, please fill out an online evaluation, in order to help us make this experience even better in the future. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact Sabina Diehr, MD,, with any questions or feedback.

We wish you a "Safari Salama" (KiSwaheli for "Safe Journey").

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  Core Clinical Experiences


  • Hospital Inpatient Teaching Service Rounds -Michael Mazzone, MD. or contact Lori Goodman - (262) 548-6907
    Join the inpatient team for Monday or Thursday morning report and follow the team on hospital rounds in Waukesha to experience what inpatient care and learning are all about. Duration: negotiable (up to two students at once). Location: Waukesha

  • Hospital Rounds - Attending - (414) 291-1049
    Opportunity to round with a team of residents and faculty on a Family Practice Inpatient Teaching Service. Location: Columbia/St. Mary's Family Practice Residency
  • St. Joseph's Free Medical Clinic of Waukesha - Contact Lori Goodman - (262) 548-6907
    Join either a resident or faculty member staffing the free clinic to see indigent patients, half of whom are Hispanic/Spanish speaking. Excellent opportunity to see interesting clinical problems and develop clinical skills. Duration: 2-3 hours on selected Thursday evenings starting at 6 p.m. (one student per session).
  • Understanding Residency - Contact Lori Goodman - (262) 548-6907.
    First hand experience into the training of Family Practice residents by participating as observer on rotations and working in clinic with residents and faculty. Duration: depends on type of available experiences desired, but usually one day total combining a hospital and ambulatory experience (one student per hospital rotation experience - may be repeated for other experiences). Location: Waukesha Family Medicine Residency

Sports Medicine

  • Sports Medicine - Laura Gottschlich, DO (414) 527-8411. Students can shadow an FP, Sports Medicine CAQ'd Physician. Students can arrange to follow with me in my Sports Clinic at St. Mary's. There will also be opportunities throughout the year to cover various events. Students can also learn from hanging out with our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers.


  • Nursing Home Rounds - Suzanne Gehl, MD - Opportunity to round at a nursing home with a faculty physician for patient requiring round the clock nursing care. Location: Milwaukee

  • Hospice Care - Suzanne Gehl, MD - sgehl@execpc.comOpportunity to round in the Inpatient Unit or attend Interdisciplinary Team Meetings for the Home Hospice. Location: Milwaukee

  • Nursing Home Rounds - Contact Lori Goodman - (262) 548-6907.
    Participate in rounds with residents and faculty to develop clinical skills and understand the unique problems of the elderly. This is a great way to see a lot of pathology and develop physical diagnosis skills further! Duration: half day every Thursday afternoon (up to two students when M3 and M4 students are not already attending). Location: Waukesha, Linden Grove Nursing Home
  Obstetrical Experiences
  • Deliveries - Paul Koch, MD - (414) 267-6535. Opportunity to follow a patient in labor and help deliver a baby. Location: Columbia St. Mary's

  • Deliveries - Contact Shannon Mesick - (262) 548-6926. Work side by side with a faculty member or resident to participate in prenatal visits and attend the delivery. By selecting a specific patient with faculty, you can define the approximate timeframe that the delivery would occur. A pager would be needed to maximize the likelihood of being contacted for the delivery. Alternatively, you could participate on rounds with the resident in Labor and Delivery for a day or evening to be available for deliveries at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Hands on experience would be possible but would likely require additional preparation and time commitment. Duration: negotiable as above (one student per patient delivery). Location: Waukesha Memorial Hospital
  • Women's Health - Beth Damitz, MD - (414) 527-8737.
    Students can shadow Dr. Damitz and Residents on the OB wards and/or in the clinical setting seeing patients with Women's Health issues. Possibility of shadowing colposcopy clinic as well. Location: Family Care Center for outpatient experience and St. Joseph Hospital for inpatient
  • Colposcopy - (414) 267-6520
    Opportunity to observe residents and faculty performing colposcopy, LEEP and cryotherapy to diagnose and treat women with cervical precancers. Location: Columbia St. Mary's Family Health Center
  • Minor Surgery - Sabina Diehr, MD - (414) 955-8875 to book your safari, or send a message to
    Some Wednesday afternoons: Opportunity to assist in office surgical procedures, such as removal of lipomas, sebaceous cysts, ingrown toenails, skin tags, moles, warts, etc. Location: Plank Road Clinic
  • Stress EKG - John Seidl, MD - (414) 267-6542
    Opportunity to assist residents and faculty with exercise treadmill testing to diagnose coronary artery disease. Location: Columbia St. Mary's
  • Vasectomy - John Seidl, MD - (414) 267-6542
    Opportunity to assist residents and faculty in performing the "no scalpel" vasectomy procedure for sterilization. Location: Columbia St. Mary's
  Community Involvement
  • Community Based Chronic Disease Management- Jim Sanders, MD - (414) 267-6502. Learn how to address chronic disease in uninsured populations using a novel nurse led protocol to screen, identify, and manage high blood pressure, diabetes, lipids, obesity, and tobacco usage. Learn firsthand how issues of access, poverty, hunger, and illiteracy all contribute to poor health outcomes.
  • Riverwest Health Initiative - Jim Sanders, MD - (414) 267-6502. Located in Milwaukee's most integrated neighborhood, the Riverwest Health Initiative aims to bring neighborhood led solutions to 1) Hunger, 2) Mental Health, 3) Violence and Insecurity, 4) Lack of Access to Healthcare. All done through an intentional Community-Based Participatory Action (CBPA) Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
  • Nursing Home Milwaukee area -
  • Hispanic Health - Contact Lori Goodman - (262) 548-6907.
    Explore community health initiatives our residency has developed and cultural solutions to the many barriers that would otherwise be experienced in US health care for this fastest growing minority. Duration: negotiable (one student at a time). Note: opportunities are available to work with bilingual physicians and staff who can assist with Spanish-speaking skill development.
  • House Calls - David Johnson, MD - (414) 267-6502.
    Opportunity to visit home bound patients in their home with a resident or faculty.
  Academic / Research Experiences
  • Family Practice Office Operations - Contact Lorie Kennedy - (414) 267-6520 Opportunity to meet with Quality Improvement teams to help improve the efficiency of a family practice office. Location: Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency
  • Journal Club - Contact Shannon Mesick - (262) 548-6926
    First and third Wednesday 7:30-8:30 a.m. Utilize learning tools implemented in our residency to develop ways to evaluate the literature as it applies to specific clinical problems frequently encountered by Family Physicians. Duration: an ongoing series that could be attended intermittently, but ideally regularly through the year to optimize skill development (up to five students). Location: Waukesha Memorial Hospital
  • Understanding Electronic Medical Records and Informatics - Contact Lori Goodman - (262) 548-6907
    Medicine of Tomorrow - learn one on one with faculty and residents about how these new and powerful tools will change medicine and why electronic records are so important to your future training and the future of medicine. Duration: one day or negotiable (one student maximum per day). Note: Faculty are nationally recognized for expertise in this area. Location: Waukesha Memorial Hospital
  Evaluation Forms

If you were a student on a Clinical Safari, please fill out this student evaluation form.

If you were a preceptor for a Clinical Safari, please fill out this preceptor evaluation form.