Predoctoral Faculty and Staff


Douglas J. Bower, MD
Director, Division of Predoctoral Education
Director, M3 Family Medicine Clerkship

Joan M. Bedinghaus, MD
Associate Clerkship Director, Community Medical Education Program

Sabina Diehr, MD
M3 Clerkship Site Coordinator, Plank Road Clinic
Chairperson, Student Awards Committee
MCW Family Medicine Externship Coordinator

Nancy Havas, MD
Director, Rural Outreach
Director, Foundations of Clinical Medicine
Medical Director of Continuing Medical Education

Karen Hulbert, MD
Co-Director, Clinical Apprenticeship course
Advisor, Family Medicine Student Association

Leslie Ruffalo, PhD
Advisor, Family Medicine Learning Community & Family Medicine Student Association
Course Director, Promoting Health in Underserved Communities
M3 Family Medicine Clerkship: Community Health

Maureen Longeway, MD
M-1 and M-2 Site Coordinator and M3 Clerkship Site Coordinator, Waukesha Family Medicine Residency

David Klehm, MD
M3 Clerkship Site Coordinator, St. Joseph Family Medicine Residency

Camille Garrison, MD
M3 Clerkship Site Coordinator, Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency


Stephanie Shaw
Medical Education Coordinator II
Family Medicine Clerkship, DFCM

Karen Kubiak
Administrative Assistant III
Predoctoral Education Division Assistant, DFCM

Christina Antczak
Administrative Assistant II
Predoctoral Education Division Assistant, DFCM