Family Medicine and Pathways

The goal of faculty in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at MCW is to provide Pathway students with early clinical opportunities/experiences to explore the exciting and diverse possibilities of Family Medicine/Primary Care. Direct patient care experiences, seminar series and service learning opportunities through-out the year provide ways to connect the basic sciences and the clinical environment while helping you meet pathway requirements for monthly non-core hours.

Family Medicine Faculty are involved in all eight MCW pathways. Students with an interest in primary care generally will choose a primary care faculty advisor since experiences will likely emphasize primary care concepts; however, Family Medicine faculty welcome all students as pathway advisees, regardless of career interest.

If you are interested in a Family Medicine advisor for your pathway, it is best to contact faculty advisor, Leslie Ruffalo, She can help match you to an appropriate Family Medicine faculty member, based on your interests. Students in any pathway, with any faculty advisor from any department, are welcome to join us and participate in the FMLC.

Family Advisor for the Family Medicine Learning Community (FMLC): Leslie Ruffalo, PhD
(414) 955-8710 or (414) 955-4333 |