Medical Students

Summer Opportunities in Medical Student Education

Accelerated MD Program in Family Medicine (AMP-FM) Fellowship

The Department of Family and Community Medicine-Division of Predoctoral Education is currently in Year Three of a five year training grant from HRSA to support pre-doctoral training in primary care. The overarching goal of our grant is to design, gain approval for and implement a three-year accelerated competency-based MD program in Family Medicine—AMP-FM.

We will be offering two positions to medical students between the M1 and M2 year during the Summer of 2014 to work with the medical educators (e.g., directors, working groups, committees) on the continued development of AMP-FM and related projects. The summer student fellow(s) will receive a stipend consistent with the summer student research stipends for 8 weeks ($3,600).

Specifically, student fellows will:

  1. Pilot a four-week “Clerkship Bootcamp” course in June to prepare them for completion of the M3 Family Medicine Clerkship in July.
  2. Participate in clinic for two ½ days per week in June and July
  3. Develop 2 “Student Generated OSCEs”
  4. Be evaluated by clinical preceptors using Field Notes and the competency-based assessment system developed by Family and Community Medicine faculty.
  5. Keep a Diagnosis Journal to note their progress and development in clinic.
  6. Pilot a problem-based learning module in Applied Pharmacology in Family Medicine.
  7. Complete a narrative of their experience at the end of the eight week experience

Application forms are available upon request. Please email Leslie Patterson, PhD, for more information.

WAFP/WAFP-Foundation Summer Externship Program

The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) together with the WAFP-Foundation is seeking two medical students with a strong interest in Family Medicine during the summer of 2014. The students will work in multiple settings – rotating between the WAFP/Foundation office and a clinical setting with a family physician preceptor. Through these settings students will have experience in a clinical setting, in leadership development, workforce development, advocacy and philanthropic activities.

The stipend for the eight-week program is $3200. Stipends will be received in two equal installments: the first installment will be distributed after completion of the first three weeks and the second after completion of the final three weeks.

Visit the Summer Externship Program website for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Family and Community Medicines' Summer Opportunities.

We wish you every success.