Giving Feedback "Just Checking" Quiz

  1. Feedback is most effectively given 2 - 3 days after the event, to give the learner time to reflect/ self-assess.   True  False
  2. Asking 1st and 2nd year learners to 'self-assess' their performance is usually NOT recommended due to their lack of experience.   True  False
  3. Before providing feedback, preceptors should tell the learner "now, I'd like to give you some feedback...".   True  False
  4. Dr. Jones is a new preceptor who works in a busy clinic with several team members - including two other physicians, an advanced practice nurse, med tech and chronic care coordinator. He wants to promote an efficient and effective plan to give feedback to a 1st year medical student. He tells the team to "bring your concerns and praises to me" and that he will convey feedback to the student. This will provide sufficient feedback to the student and avoid confusion. [short answer question]


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