One-Minute Preceptor "Just Checking" Quiz

1. The techniques described in the one-minute preceptor method are intended to provide an efficient and effective system to teach while providing clinical care for a patient case in real-time.   True  False

2. You are precepting Kelly, an April first-year medical student in the MCW Clinical Apprenticeship. On your schedule is Mr. Jones, a 58 year-old in clinic for a hypertension follow-up. You ask Kelly to introduce herself, ask Mr. Jones if he is having any problems with taking his new blood pressure medication, and take his blood pressure. Kelly returns to tell you that Mr. Jones is taking his lisinopril as prescribed without adverse effects and his blood pressure is 120/80. Of the following questions directed at Kelly, which is the best way to use the one-minute preceptor technique of getting a commitment (that is, having the student commit to a brief conclusion from which you may give feedback and teach a principle)?

3. Name the six (6) steps in the one-minute preceptor model:

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