Family and Community Medicine Annual Research Forum

The Research Forum has three goals:

  • provide the opportunity for peer review of scholarly work
  • expand and strengthen professional networks with local and nationally recognized family medicine scholars
  • learn about important health care and educational research

These goals are met through peer reviewed and invited presentations, as well as the acknowledgment of academic excellence through department-wide awards. The forum features original research, literature reviews, and invited presentations conducted by department faculty, residents, staff and their invited colleagues. Abstracts are reviewed and accepted for presentation by the Research Forum Program Committee, made up of the Core Research Group.

Peer reviewed presentations occur in two formats: platform presentations and poster presentations.

The Research Forum started in 1991 with 6 presentations and attendance mainly by faculty. By 1998 there were 68 authors presenting a total of 22 presentations: 18 posters and 4 platform presentations, with an additional 5 invited displays. By 2013 the forum has grown to the extent that is was held in the Discovery Classroom in order to house not only the extent of work submitted, but the number of people attending. A total of 131 author contributions were represented in 35 presentations; 31 posters and 4 platform presentations in 2013. In 2014, a total of 126 author contributions were represented in 33 presentations, including four platform presentations and 29 posters. And this does not represent the entire body of research and scholarly work done by the department, but only that selected by the committee as representative of the entire body of important health care and educational research being done.