Transgenic Core Facility

The Transgenic Core consists of a laboratory for procedures involving production and maintenance of transgenic mouse strains, a tissue culture facility for all procedures involving Embryonic Stem (ES) cells and gene targeting experiments, and a transgenic barrier holding facility.

The Core is under the direction of Dr. Weiler, who has extensive experience in the production of genetically altered mice, and includes three additional staff skilled in various aspects of transgenic animal production and related procedures. The laboratory is located in the vivarium of the Translational and Biomedical Research Center at MCW and is equipped to perform all procedures involving production and maintenance of transgenic or knock-out mice. Instrumentation includes 3 injection workstations (Nikon inverted phase contrast microscope with Hoffman modulation optics, temperature-controlled injection stage, air-suspended injection table, Eppendorf motor-driven injection system), microforge, needle puller, Nikon stereo zoom microscope, surgical microscope, CO2-incubator, laminar flow hood for surgical procedures, and a cell fusion instrument for tetraploid embryo production.

Additional workspace equipped for cryopreservation and gene targeting is located at the Blood Research Institute. Liquid nitrogen tanks and an automated cell freezer for cryopreservation of fertilized oocytes are available as shared instrumentation through the Transgenic Core. Over the past three years, the Core has successfully performed 24 different gene targeting experiments, produced more than 14 germline-competent ES cell aggregation chimeras and gene targeted mouse strains, generated transgenic animals via zygote micro-injection, and assisted in routine animal procedures such as re-derivation of mouse strains. All services (including gene targeting, blastocysts injections, and zygote microinjections) are available to MCW-associated Investigators on a fee-for-service basis.

Recent references documenting Core expertise.


A number of very useful protocols for the generation and analysis of transgenic animals are described in Manipulating the Mouse Embryo: a laboratory manual by B. Hogan et al., 2nd edition or newer, published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory press (ISBN 0-87969-384-3).

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