Working Condition Fringe Benefit

The Working Condition Fringe Benefit is a $1,500 per academic year taxable payment to housestaff to help defray expenses for license fees, DEA fees, license exam fees and text books.

Housestaff are not required to submit receipts to claim this benefit. Housestaff that complete training mid-academic year will be paid a pro-rated amount on their last paycheck. The benefit will be paid in two $750 installments;one on December 31 and one on June 30. The $1,500 payment is a taxable benefit.

As noted, the working condition payment provides financial support for your DEA and licensure related fees.

You are required to obtain a Wisconsin License in compliance with MCWAH policy. Licensed housestaff must obtain a DEA number and provide a copy to the MCWAH office.

If you are not in compliance with the policies concerning DEA numbers and licensure, you will NOT receive the Working Condition payment.